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我々の提供する商品はあなたに100%試験に合格できるのを助けることができます。あなたはAWS-SysOps 受験記対策に合格する自信がないなら、ここであなたに一番優秀の参考資料を推薦します。このサイトであなたは我々の提供するAWS-SysOps 受験記対策を無料でダウンロードすることができます。短時間の学習で最新の試験に合格することができます。

JPshikenのAmazonAWS-SysOps 受験記対策は高度に認証されたIT領域の専門家の経験と創造を含めているものです。私たちのIT専門家は受験生のために、最新的なAmazonAWS-SysOps 受験記対策を提供します。うちの学習教材の高い正確性は言うまでもありません。受験生が最も早い時間で、一回だけでAmazonAWS-SysOps 受験記対策に合格できるために、JPshikenはずっとがんばります。

あなたはAmazonAWS-SysOps 受験記対策への努力を通して満足的な結果を得られているのは我々JPshikenの希望です。信じられないなら、弊社のデモをやってみて、AmazonAWS-SysOps 受験記対策を体験することができます。試して我々専門家たちの真面目さを感じられています。AmazonAWS-SysOps 受験記対策のほかの試験に参加するつもりでしたら、あなたも弊社のJPshikenでふさわしいソフトを探すことができます。あなたは満足できると信じています。

試験科目:AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
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NO.1 A user has created a VPC with CIDR using the wizard. The user has created a public
subnet CIDR ( and VPN only subnets CIDR ( along with the VPN gateway (vgw-
12345. to connect to the user's data center. The user's data center has CIDR The user
has also setup a NAT instance (i-123456. to allow traffic to the internet from the VPN subnet. Which
of the below mentioned options is not a valid entry for the main route table in this scenario?
A. Destination: and Target: i-12345
B. Destination: and Target: local
C. Destination: and Target: i-12345
D. Destination: and Target: vgw-12345
Answer: A

AWS-SysOps 更新   AWS-SysOps 最新版   
The user can create subnets as per the requirementwithin a VPC. If the user wants to connect VPC
from his own data center, he can setup a public and VPN only subnet which uses hardware VPN
access to connect with his data center. When the user has configured this setup with Wizard, it will
create a virtualprivate gateway to route all traffic of the VPN subnet. If the user has setup a NAT
instance to route all the internet requests then all requests to the internet should be routed to it. All
requests to the organization's DC will be routed to the VPN gateway.
Here are the valid entries for the main route table in this scenario:
Destination: & Target: i-12345 (To route all internet traffic to the NAT Instance.
Destination: & Target: vgw-12345 (To route all the organization's data center traffic to
the VPN gateway.
Destination: & Target: local (To allow local routing in VPC.

NO.2 Your business is building a new application that will store its entire customer database on a
RDS MySQL database, and will have various applications and users that will query that data for
different purposes.
Large analytics jobs on the database are likely to cause other applications to not be able to get the
query results they need to, before time out. Also, as your data grows, these analytics jobs will start to
take more time, increasing the negative effect on the other applications.
How do you solve the contention issues between these different workloads on the same data?
A. Run the RDS instance on the largest size possible
B. Use ElastiCache to offload the analytics job data
C. EnableMulti-AZ mode on the RDS instance
D. Create RDS Read-Replicas for the analytics work
Answer: B

NO.3 You have a web-style application with a stateless but CPU and memory-intensive web tier
running on a cc2 8xlarge EC2 instance inside of a VPC The instance when under load is having
problems returning requests within the SLA as defined by your business The application maintains its
state in a DynamoDB table, but the data tier is properly provisioned and responses are consistently
How can you best resolve the issue of the application responses not meeting your SLA?
A. Move the cc2 8xlarge to thesame Availability Zone as the DynamoDB table
B. Add another cc2 8xlarge application instance, and put both behind an Elastic Load Balancer
C. Cache the database responses in ElastiCache for more rapid access
D. Move the database from DynamoDB to RDS MySQL in scale-out read-replica configuration
Answer: A

AWS-SysOps 答案   

NO.4 A user has created a subnet in VPC and launched an EC2 instance within it. The user has not
selected the option to assign the IP address while launching the instance. Which of the below
mentioned statements is true with respect to this scenario?
A. The user can directly attach an elastic IP to the instance
B. The instance will always have a public DNS attached to the instance by default
C. The instance will never launchif the public IP is not assigned
D. The user would need to create an internet gateway and then attach an elastic IP to the instance to
connect from internet
Answer: D

AWS-SysOps 予想   
A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC. is a virtual network dedicated to the user's AWS account. A user can
create a subnet with VPC and launch instances inside that subnet. When the user is launching an
instance he needs to select an option which attaches a public IP to the instance. If the user has not
selected the option to attachthe public IP then it will only have a private IP when launched. The user
cannot connectto the instance from the internet. If the user wants an elastic IP to connect to the
instance from the internet he should create an internet gateway and assign an elastic IP to instance.

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